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  • Diversion Safes

    many diversion safesA diversion safe is commonly known as a hidden safe. It's implied to divert attention from a burglar by concealing prized possessions in everyday products, hoping he won't discover them. The Chicago Crime Commission mentions that a burglar invests an average of 8 minutes in the victims home. Put the odds in your favor, conceal your belongings in plain sight in a hidden safe. The Diversion Safes are a distinct home-security item that blends in with the other items in your house and minimizes your opportunities that a robber will discover your prized possessions.

    The diversion safe is made by taking daily home products and turning them into concealed safes. Undoubtedly there is no lock, however, when a thief is looking for valuables, he will not be taking a look at your soda cans or books. The most common diversion safes are made from soda or beer cans and books. Other popular concealed safes are the candle light, rock, electrical outlet, and a real book. Other options are open to practically any can; be it a spray starch, shaving cream, restroom cleaner, engine degreaser, Ajax, Pringles, pet food, or carpet cleaner.

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    The internal location of a can hidden safe is not large due to the fact that it's restricted by the size of the vessel, nevertheless, depending on it's size, you can safe generally can fill a location that is 4 to 8 inches deep x approximately 2 inches broad. Reserve safes typically have an area that is 6.75 inches long x 3.75 inches large x 1 inch deep. The flower pot safe is typically the largest safe and it has a location that has to do with the size of a can of soda or a little bigger.

    The possibilities for diversion safes or concealed safes are limitless. As long as you have a consumer product, you can conceal prized possessions inside it for a really efficient way to minimize your opportunities of losing valuable ownerships if when you are robbed.

    What are Some Common Designs of Diversion Safes?

    A diversion safe can be built from anything. Among many most common designs could be the traditional book hidden safe. In this instance, the safe seems to be like an ordinary book. soda can diversion safeNonetheless, the diversionary objective from the book gets to stand out when one opens the book and sees the hollowed middle in which crucial documents and belongings can be stored. Unless they may be thoroughly privy for the goings on with your home, it is extremely unlikely that a trespasser will begin to through your shelf of books to find that book is really a diversion safe.

    Product Cans are likewise becoming used as diversion safes. A can be hidden safe is merely a can or a container produced to look like a food can, drink can, body care cosmetics cans, cleaning up item can or another common area options generally packed in a can. Similar to any diversion safe, both design and area plays a vital aspect in lucrative concealment. The more common a can hide safe appears to be and is positioned, the tougher it actually is for anyone to think that the can serve an out-of-the regular function.

    Why Use a Dummy Safe as Cover for Hidden Safes?

    Setting up a dummy safe is likewise observed as a rather effective method of having or matching a diversion safe. A safe is developed and placed at a noticeable spot with products of no real worth put on the inside. As an example, you might go to a low cost jewelry shop and get some extremely low quality and minimal worth beaded necklaces and place them within the safe.

    A trespasser might assume this might possibly have some nostalgic value to suit your requirements and determine to choose the jewelry or forget it. In either case, there is going to be no loss for you. The dummy safe generally works together having a genuine safe which is hidden from sight. One particular area where this hidden safe is periodically kept is within the door of the dummy safe. Clearly, this needs to be performed in a truly discreet way in order to not betray this covert compartment.

    What Are Some other Alternatives for Diversion Safes?

    There are many other options to setting up a hidden safe. Amongst these alternatives is putting the hidden diversion safe behind wall paintings or getting a fake electric outlet that has a hidden safe within. You'll be able to also have a hidden safe inside a regular laptop or computer housing along with within other typical family electronics.

    This can be generally carried out by getting rid of the within parts of a DVD gamer or a computer's central processing unit (C.P.U) and having the hidden safe placed there. Electronic devices nevertheless should be made use of with caution as periodically an intruder could be hyped about stealing some electronic products too.

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    Secret Concealing Places That Will Deceive Even the Most Intelligent Intruder

    If you have precious jewelry, money or any other important that you desire to keep additional safe, there are numerous Do It Yourself methods to conceal those things from intruders. If you desire to keep specific things out of sight, take an look at our collection of simple Do It Yourself concealing locations for your stash.

    If you have fashion jewelry, money or other important that you wish to keep additional safe, there are lots of Do It Yourself methods to conceal those things from intruders. By the way, you can utilize some of these concepts to conceal Christmas presents from the kids. Take an look at the collection of simple Do It Yourself concealing locations for your stash if you desire to keep specific things out of sight.

    A few of the concepts are items that you can buy from a lot of hardware shops or Wal-Mart. Others are things that you can do yourself to develop a secret storage location in your house.

    Stash Money In the Door
    You can really develop an excellent hiding place for money in the top of any interior door. You simply need to drill a hole and place a metal tube that will keep money and smaller sized products out of view. This is a terrific location to conceal fashion jewelry and anything reasonably little and you can store some additional money to save for a rainy day.

    Make Your Very Own Hide-A-Key
    You can purchase those little burrowed rocks for concealing your extra secret however you do not always need to invest money to keep your essential safe. You can simply glue a genuine rock to the top of a little plastic bottle, like an old prescription bottle and after that bury the bottle so that simply the rock is revealing. Due to the fact that it is in fact a genuine rock, plastic rocks look so phony however this one will deceive even the smartest criminal.

    Extra-large Art Storage
    You can develop fantastic looking art on your walls and conceal your electronic devices at the same time. You simply need to cut the hole to make the storage location and after that drill holes for the cables. This is an excellent method to keep those cables and wires concealed and provides you the chance to include brand-new art to your walls.

    Drifting Rack with Secret Storage
    Since it appears to drift on the wall, this rack looks terrific. That will impress individuals enough however when you include the secret drawer for storage, you get something that is impressive and an excellent location to conceal your stash. The bottom of the drawer drops open up to provide you space to keep almost anything you desire.

    Photo Frame Hidden Storage
    Whether you desire a photo of your kid, a star or anybody else holding on your wall, you can utilize that big photo to conceal a covert medication cabinet. Simply set up the medication cabinet in the wall and after that cover it with the picture. Nobody will ever think that you have storage behind the print and you can utilize this throughout the house.

    Hidden Precious Jewelry Box
    Make your very own concealed fashion jewelry box to keep those important gems safe. You simply need to have or develop a little fashion jewelry holder and after that conceal it behind a fairly big image. You can develop the frame on the picture so that nobody understands there is in fact fashion jewelry concealed behind it.

    Lettuce Storage?
    You simply keep it in the refrigerator and conceal your most valued ownerships in it. The bottom of the lettuce snaps off to offer you a concealing location for belongings.

    If you have precious jewelry, money or any other important that you desire to keep additional safe, there are numerous Do It Yourself methods to conceal those things from intruders. If you desire to keep specific things out of sight, take an look at our collection of simple Do It Yourself concealing locations for your stash.

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  • Hidden Spy Cameras: All-seeing Eyes

    With crime rising, innovation has actually caused a reduction in house security costs. man followed by hidden cameraAlthough lots of devices have dropped in rates over the years, the hidden camera is among the most popular to experience a decline in rate. What was just dreamed about in movies such as James Bond is now a truth that is really cost effective.

    The hidden camera days are consisted of with pin video cameras, pens, as well as cams that are hidden in a pair of sunglasses. Many sets cost a couple of hundred dollars and will include sensors and remote Web access-- total with alarms. This way, you'll have the chance to link your house wide electronic cameras to your main cable system and view the hidden camera from any screen in your home. To enjoy the video though, you'll need to have your television to a specific channel.

    These cameras can also be used to catch criminals or philandering spouses. A hidden camera can also be effective and handy, in fact, that they are even used by law enforcement agencies, such as the police and the FBI.

    Strings or No Strings Attached

    Hidden cameras can either be wireless or wired. Wireless hidden spy cameras have concealed transmitters that send captured images to a remote recording equipment. Wired hidden camera, on the other hand, are connected to recording equipment, like VCRs and PCs, through a physical cable. Wireless cameras rely on battery power, while the wired sort has the advantage of a ready power supply.

    Its A Hidden Camera for a Reason

    As the name suggests, hidden spy cameras are always concealed. Cameras are usually hidden in everyday, nondescript objects, such as clocks, calculators, radios, teddy bears, and even plants. The pin and sunglasses spy camera is among the most popular. These electronic cameras might require expert setup, as you'll have to hook the cordless panel up to a monitor or your computer. Depending upon the kind of spy camera that you are using, hooking whatever up can be anywhere from beginner to professional level. Sunglasses can be great to use in the house or anywhere else you take a trip within distance, as the video camera is totally undetectable to those who are standing within your field of view.

    Recent breakthroughs in wireless technology now allow hidden spy cameras to transmit videos real-time. So, not only can you see the action as it unfolds, you can take the necessary action as well. All you would need is a PC or laptop with an Internet access to view your hidden spy cameras. You can even do online surveillance, if you wish. You can also set up your spy cameras in such a way that they trigger alarms or send emails to you when suspicious activities are captured.

    If you don't have this technology, however, don't fret. Most hidden spy cameras can be set up to work unattended. Video cameras can record hours of video and can be plugged into your VCR or PC directly for review. This way, you don't miss anything and can gather solid proof of misbehavior.

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    Hidden Or  Not, You Still Want the Best

    There are a few things to consider when investing on hidden spy cameras. You have to take hidden camera a around the worldinto consideration the range of the video you wish to capture. Wide-angle viewing is also a nifty feature to consider. It allows you to view the captured video from several vantage points.

    For image quality, you need to consider your hidden spy cameras' resolution. Invest on spy cameras that can automatically adjust to varying lighting conditions so you can get the clearest images possible. This way, you don't miss what happens in your home or office when you're out.

    Spy Cams And Home  Security Defense

    Hidden spy cameras are also great tools to keep watch over your home and loved ones, thereby ensuring peace of mind. They can be used to make sure that your children are treated well by their nannies and babysitters. Similarly, they can also be used to catch criminals or philandering spouses. Hidden spy cameras are so effective and handy, in fact, that they are even used by law enforcement agencies, such as the police and the FBI.

    The spy electronic cameras these days are consisted of with pin video cameras, pens, as well as cams that are hidden in a pair of sunglasses. Many sets cost a couple of hundred dollars and will include sensors and remote Web access-- total with alarms. This way, you'll have the chance to link your house wide electronic cameras to your main cable system and view the spy camera from any screen in your home. To enjoy the video though, you'll need to have your television to a specific channel.

    More Security Gadgets

    Along with spy cameras there is also a variety of other gadgets that you can utilize to safeguard your home and yourself such as motion sensors, alarms, trip wires, monitoring electronic cameras, finger print locks, digital locks, and much more. Almost everything is readily available at an affordable price, unless you choose to have expert installation. Professional installation will cost a lot more money, possibly even countless dollars if you have a big house.

    If you aren't acquainted with the way spy video cameras and other spy associated security works, it might be in your benefit to hire an expert. A specialist can show you the best ways to work the devices and respond to any concerns that you may have. Despite the fact that it will cost you a lot more than if you were to do it yourself, it would be a lot much better than messing something up. Spy video cameras and devices can be very difficult-- specifically if you have no experience with house security.

    For protection around the home or anywhere else you take a trip, a hidden camera can be an excellent financial investment. These cams are ending up being increasingly more popular nowadays due to the drop in cost. Although they were extremely costly when they were initially presented, those times have actually changed. You can get a spy camera now for just a few hundred dollars-- making it an investment you can never fail with. CWP

    by Mary Cotton

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  • Pepper Spray as a Non-Lethal Protection Tool

    We live  when crime rates are soaring despite much better policing as well as governance. Increasingly more females today are solitary compared to in other generation previous. It is sad and also regrettable that as women are getting increasingly independent, they are likewise at a much greater danger of assault, theft, and battery. If you are a single woman you would certainly  feel more comfortable with some added security while in the personal privacy of your own residence or out in about. That is the moment when pepper spray will certainly provide you with some self-confidence.

    Among one of the most preferred non-lethal and also legal methods of defending on your own is the pepper-spray. Pepper spray is easy to use, it is economical, and most notably, it is an incredibly effective device when it comes to self-defense. Pepper spray has been widely made use of by police to regulate troubles, furious animals, or aggressive criminal suspects. Currently it is readily available on the market for personal self-defense that anyone can make use of. Pepper spray is also very easy enough to carry around in a handbag, purse, or even in your coat pocket. This little spray can give you significant self-confidence because it really works, and is also easy to use

    Spray Chemical in Eyes

    The manner in which pepper spray will certainly supply protection for you is that it includes a chemical substance that will certainly restrain and also incapacitate any opponent you should come in contact with. One of the most effective methods of using this protection tool is, when possible, spraying it directly at your opponent's eyes. When you do this, mucus membranes will become swollen and your attacker's feedback is to shut their eyes and also they might even lose their vision briefly. Pepper spray additionally includes agents that will certainly produce breathing restrictions for your opponent if the spray has a high concentration. Considered that the effect of such sprays can last for just under an hour, you have more than enough time to make a fast vacation.

    It is not just the spray that can be made use of for protection, there are other mechanisms also. Personal alarms are likewise a really efficient self-defense tool, and also these can be made use of combined with pepper spray. These frequently come in the type of tiny essential rings or remote gadgets that can easily be carried in a handbag or layer pocket. If you find yourself in a high-risk scenario where danger impends, you could press a button on your personal alarm that will send an alarm and also potentially disarm or frighten your assaulter. There are several various other things that potential victims have done to obtain aggressors off their back. This consists of screaming for assistance.

    If making noise does detour them from attacking you, they you need to seriously consider spraying the person and making a hasty get away. You only require adequate time to obtain a getaway. Though pepper spray is legal around the US as well as in a lot of parts of the world, you should make it a point to have a look at regional policy before you buy it.

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    Bits of Pepper Spray Information

    Pepper spray is non-toxic, non-inflammable, legal self-defense equipment. The active component of which is the same pepper content that we get from hot cayenne peppers used for cooking.

    Capsaicin, the active ingredient, is an oil extracted from the tissue of the cayenne pepper, which lies just listed below the stem.

    What are the results of pepper spray contents?
    The instant effects of pepper spray are as follows:
    * Momentary loss of sight
    * Tearing and burning experience in the eyes.
    * Shortness of breath
    * Choking and coughing
    * Feeling of light-headedness
    * Confusion and disorientation

    Is pepper spray fatal?

     Pepper spray was not designed to be fatal and there are no questionable contents that are to be found in pepper spray that might reveal proofs of ending up being fatal. However, there are cases of deaths recorded that are connected with pepper sprays. This is primarily due to the allergic reaction, described as anaphylaxis. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include fainting, shock and swelling. Asthmatics must also keep watch, because they are most likely to become infected with contact to severe dosage of pepper sprays.

    Is pepper spray training required? It is not a basic set for people using pepper spray to participate in training regarding the use of the item. However, for the user's safety and more effectivity of use, they are encouraged to enlist on such programs.

    Exactly what is the strength of pepper sprays? The basic pepper spray strength is 15% active components and 2 million HSU or Scoville Heat Units. The ranking for HSU is far more important than that of the rate for the active component.

    Non lethal self defense

    Is this the very best non-lethal self-defense weapon? We can not tell exactly if this is the best yet the truth is, it has produced preferred outcomes as compared to other tear gasses.

    Is it safe to use? It is typically safe to utilize because it does not have long lasting results and there is no known dosage that rise to the level of being deadly. The sprayed person will have to suffer around 20 minutes or more of unbearable eye discomfort and short-term loss of sight together with other things. Just enough to assist you getaway from your opponent to call the police and escape.

    What are limitations for utilizing pepper spray? For now, there are no recognized restrictions in using pepper sprays. Nevertheless, offending usage is extremely forbidden.

    Exactly what must be done when the spray impacts you? The affected area needs to be immediately rinsed with cold water and baby hair shampoo. The clothing must be cleaned individually to prevent contact with other products.

    Is it the very best option? In actuality, it is not but this is rather dependent on the case. If for instance your opponent is packed with deadly weapons, he may have already hurt you even prior to you successfully take out your pepper spray. In this case, it is best to prevent utilizing it or you might wind up being sprayed with your own pepper spray. You might likewise use it but be ensured that it will not backfire at you and keep it away from your aggressor's reach. The wisest thing to do is to avoid unneeded threats as much as possible.

    Children need to be avoided pepper spray considering that they enjoy playing with novelty items. Numerous will try spraying the product to the air or at any item, consisting of live things and many wind up spraying themselves. CWP

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  • Using Stun Guns for Personal Defense

    Stun guns are non-lethal weapons that are sometimes used as personal security devices for self-defense. These weapons use a high-voltage current that is activated by the user when an attacker or aggressive person is physically threatening the person with the stun gun.

    Stun guns generally have two contact points that are used to deliver the voltage to the attacker. In most stun guns, the contacts must be held in contact with the skin for at least a few seconds in order to produce a response in the attacker. Most stun guns on the market will also go through clothing and don’t have to be held against the attacker’s bare skin.

    When a stun gun is used for personal defense, the owner pushes a button to start the electric current when the attacker comes too close. Stun guns can be used to shock the attacker, causing a startled reaction that can give the stun gun owner a chance to get away from the attacker before any other aggressive actions are taken. In other cases, stun guns are used to cause a more dramatic reaction to the attacker.

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    Type of Stuns

    The severity of the reaction that a person has when shocked with a stun gun varies depending on the voltage of the device and the length of time that it’s held in contact with a person’s skin or clothing. It can also vary according to the amount of clothing that is between the attacker. Thicker clothing can mean a less severe reaction or one that takes much longer to be felt.

    When a stun gun is activated, the current passes from the stun gun and enters the body of the attacker, affecting the person’s nervous system. The voltage then enters the muscles, causing much of the reaction that is felt. A person who receives a shock from a stun gun will have an immediate muscle reaction. This reaction causes the body’s muscles to move rapidly, resulting in a gyrating, seizure-like reaction in the attacker. The more intense the shock, the more the muscles react and the harsher the reaction of the rest of the body.

    Being in contact with the stun gun’s voltage for several seconds will cause the attacker’s muscles to react violently enough to cause the body to use up its store of blood sugar. This is what causes the attacker to lose the ability to move. This involuntary lack of movement is where the name of the weapon gets its name. If the shock is more intense or lasts for a longer period of time, it can cause the assailant to lose consciousness.

    A shock, a stun or a loss of consciousness will not result in any permanent bodily damage for the attacker. The effects of coming into contact with the voltage generally only last for a few minutes or less. This brief reaction time gives the stun gun owner a chance to get away from a dangerous situation and get to safety.

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     Why should I have a stun gun?

    On the off chance that you consider your chances of being the victim of a violent crime, it makes a sense to be prepared in the occasion the unthinkable happens. In the event that it becomes necessary to protect yourself or a friend or family member from a merciless attacker who is hell-bent on harming you, then having a stun gun handy will help even the chances. You don't even necessarily have to "stun" someone to stop an attack. To prevent an unsafe situation from escalating, it may only be necessary to uncover and "test fire" your stun gun. The sight and sound of the electrical arc flashing brightly and noisily crackling is an ominous, intimidating impediment to an eventual assailant.

    How does a stun gun work?

    Most stun guns have two electrodes at the front of the gadget that you press against your attacker while you push a "trigger" button which introduces a powerful, non-lethal electric current that passes through his/her apparel and into his/her body. Only a couple of moments is adequate to render even a huge, solid, imposing individual vulnerable. The subsequent shock will make the attacker lose control of his/her muscles and tumble to the ground totally perplexed and befuddled, completely disabled. Technically, the electric shock briefly interferes with the small neurological driving forces that control and direct willful muscle development. The impacts of being "stunned" commonly last from a couple of minutes to a half-hour or all the more, giving you valuable time to get away from an attacker.

    Will I be shocked too?

    The answer is: A big no! Although the current will effortlessly and effectively course through a few layers of the attackers' dress, it will be absorbed by the assailant regardless of whether he/she has a grip on you. The main route for the client to be staggered is by direct contact with the stunning probes.

    Can being "stunned" cause a heart attack?

    Stun guns don't kill or cause lasting damage. Nor will they cause a heart attack, regardless of whether the individual has a heart condition. The disabling effects are just temporary yet can give life-sparing minutes to get away from an attacker and spare your life.

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    Are stun guns legal?

    Some states and local municipalities confine the use, ownership as well as owning of stunning devices. Before you purchase a stun device, make sure that you figure out what laws or limitations may apply in the jurisdiction where you live.

    What are the different types of stun guns?

    1. a) Size: There are 3 basic sizes - small, medium and large. The smallest regularly referred to as "minis" are more often than not between 3-6 inches long. A few "smaller than expected" models are even camouflaged to look like PDAs. The most prominent normal for the minis is that they are so natural to convey and the capacity to disguise them. The medium or "standard" models are somewhat bigger yet at the same time simple to convey and disguise in a pocket or handbag. The "standard" models are among the most moderate, beginning at under $25 and a brilliant decision for "body conveying" or prudently conveying in your auto. The biggest models or "Twirly doos" are generally 12-20" long and a most loved decision of law implementation, guardians, bouncers and security watches. The "implement" models are additionally an astounding decision for home resistance and, as a result of their broadened reach, are famous with walkers, sprinters, and bicycles to avert canine assaults.
    2. b) Power: The stopping power of stun guns is determined by their output voltage. A "mini" typically falls into the range of 50,000-800,000 volts, the "standard" in the 80,000-1,000,000 volt range, and "batons" can yield up to 2,000,000+ volts. Generally, the larger the stun device, the greater the power. In theory, the higher the voltage, the better and quicker their stopping power. However, more isn't necessarily better. There is a point of of diminishing return with respect to power or voltage. Even a less powerful (50,000 volt) stun gun has adequate power to drop an attacker.
    3. c) Price: Effective, high-quality stun guns start under $25. You don't need to spend more than $100, even for the top-of-the-line models with all the bells and whistles. The average price is in the $50-$70 range. Affordable pricing makes owning and carrying a stun gun a wise investment.

    Other features that are available should you consider buying a stun gun?

    1. a) A disable pin is exceptionally handy. This keeps an attacker from taking the stun gun away and utilizing it on you. A wrist strap is attached to the disable pin that plugs into the base of the stun gun. In the event that the stun gun is detracted from, you the disable pin will pull out, preventing it from working.
    2. b) Some models have an inbuilt personal alarm which adds another dimension to your capacity to ward off a dangerous circumstance. Would-be attacker like stealth and amazement, so on the off chance that you activate an ear-puncturing alarm that draws instant attention amid a confrontation, they likely will stop, turn and run away fast]
    3. c) Other models include a built-in flashlight making them a good choice for carrying in the dark. A flashlight-equipped stun gun serves as a blinder as well as the ability to stun them.
    4. d) A rechargeable stun gun is convenient. Eliminating the need to frequently test and replace batteries is a very handy feature.


    The ultimate decision regarding which model to choose and which features are important is unique to your situation and should be based on your lifestyle, intended application, need, budget and personal choice. The important thing is to be informed about the risks that you face every day and be prepared. A stun gun is an excellent self-defense tool that is affordable and effective. Any stunning device or self-defense tool is better than none!

    Irrespective of your age, sex, social status, employment, location, lifestyle, daily routine or physical abilities...you are at risk of being the victim of a crime. It makes sense to take the necessary legal step to be prepared against an attacker. Be prepared! Refuse to be a victim! Feel safe, be safe, and be armed!  CWP

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    by John Young

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